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3 Steps to Save Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation has been looking like a bust for this year, but maybe not. With the right plan you can still get a break from the urban jungle and do it with good health practices in mind.

Think Within Driving Distance

Forget trains, planes and instead go with automobiles. Most American vacations are within 400 miles of home anyway, and if you live in New York City that puts miles of beach, mountains and quaint small towns in range.

Pick a Place to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Choose a place like the Shoreline of Connecticut which is dotted with charming small towns often too close to the city to be noticed. Towns like Madison (the town green is only 95.3 miles from Columbus Circle) and Guilford have old-fashioned town greens surrounded by the tea, coffee, bake shops and restaurants summer travelers demand. It has four beaches, dozens of ponds, hiking trails (some with historic ruins), a robust cycling culture and more.

Stay Small

Avoid the crowds by staying at a Bed and Breakfast like The Homestead Madison. The Homestead is a genuinely independent hospitality operation with 30 years in the community (and the same family) and prime spot near the beach and the shops of Madison. It has 10 rooms for a maximum of 16 guests allowing for a minimum of mingling and maximum enhanced cleaning protocols.

Surf Club Beach is just over a mile from the property making it an easy stroll or bike ride to the beach which has picnic areas with grills, bocce courts, horseshoe pits and more for outdoor entertainment. The Homestead itself sits on a generous, green plot and has multiple decks and fire pits for outdoor relaxation options. The property itself offers opportunities for greater privacy and seclusion and the team is happy to share their personal recommendations for dining, shopping and local activities. They work with local chefs, food trucks, the tea sommelier among others and can arrange special dining experiences or virtual tea tastings.

You can get out of town, have plenty of activity options and do it in a way that provides a greater feeling of comfort and security. For more information on summer vacation and Madison, Conn., visit

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