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Keeping Our Guests and Our Staff Healthy

While safety is at the forefront of all of our minds at this time, at The Homestead we believe that we can still create a comfortable and welcoming experience for our guests all while working hard to keep you safe.

A yellow rubber Duckie wearing a face masks sits on a hutch surrounded by glass candy dishes filled with confections.

During your next visit, you may, or may not, notice changes that have been made keeping your safety in mind. We have taken precautions to not only meet, but exceed the standards set by state, local, and national associations.

Of course, we are following such mandates as asking guests and staff to wear​ their masks and social distance while in common areas, but there are some additional things that we have implemented that we think you’ll find interesting and even a little fun!

Antimicrobial Coverings – Say that 5 times fast!

In addition to cleaning high-touch areas, such as doorknobs and railings, we’ve also added antimicrobial coverings on some of these spaces. These coverings actually inhibit the growth of some of the nastiest germs! They are more effective than sprays and intermittent cleaning, but don’t worry we do still clean and disinfect regularly!

As you enter the house you will be able to disinfect one of the most common places for

germs to gather, your cell phone! We have installed an alcohol fine mister which will help keep viruses at bay. This isn’t just for cell phones though so feel free to disinfect your keys (seriously WHEN is the last time you cleaned your keys?).

A dark wooden railing covered in antimicrobial tape flanks a beautiful wooden staircase with a floral carpet runner.

Speaking of Keys….

Upon check-out we will ask you to drop your keys in a basket where they will sit for 24 hours after your departure before being cleaned and disinfected by our staff. We will also leave guestrooms empty for 24 hours after departure before our staff begins the thorough cleaning process that we have put in place.

In Your Guestroom

Each guestroom and most common areas are now equipped with a UV-C light disinfection unit that is deployed in each room prior to cleaning by staff. The C means that they are more effective than UVA and UBC (in this case bringing home a C is better than bringing home an A). They actually damage the molecules of viruses and bacteria so they can no longer survive.

A device to clean you phone or other belongings sits next to a thermal thermometer.  Behind those stands a sign that reads "life is better at the Homestead".  Disposable masks, available for guests to use, are displayed.

We’ve also implemented the use of handheld UV-C devices to clean other surfaces such as record players, keys, board games, etc. So feel free to play on and know you are doing so safely!

In Short

We are so excited to welcome you back to The Homestead! Some of these procedures that we have implemented you’ll be able to see, others you may not, but know that they are there. And know that we there, to make your stay as comfortable, enjoyable, and safe.

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